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Author-developed technique from the most flexible man on the Planet

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Good afternoon, I'm from Ukraine!

Types of online training

You choose the types of personalized online classes you want:

The photo shows the same person, Vyacheslav Komakha, with a difference of 5-6 months.


Any level of training
Convenient training schedule
Control of exercise technique
Opportunity to get a new profession

What is the format of online classes for?

The individual online stretching sessions are designed for those who are not prepared to train at a studio.
  • Beginners mustn’t waste any time to go to the gym and there is no need to worry about the absence of flexibility;
  • Intermediate learners can get a fresh look at the personalized training complex to reach a new level;
  • Trainers – can be taught the unique methodology for stretching without having to leave their workplace and get a certified right to teach others in line with said methodology. You have an opportunity, if you have training experience, to get a new profession with the issuance of a Diploma for the right to teach in this method. Details below.

Skype stretching sessions


Determining the level
training and needs.


Developing a personal
a set of exercises.


We work with the student in real time without the use of recordings or webinars.


We give regularly on the continuation
of the entire course.


Tracking results by photo
and video - at the request of the student.

About the trainer

Vyacheslav Komakha is teaching based on the methodology of the most flexible man on earth – the most flexible man on the planet from the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Coaching experience – since 2009;
  • Been personally taught by the most flexible man on the planet;
  • Has stretching school in Kyiv, operating since 2009;
  • Hundreds of online and offline students around the world;
  • Coaching in English, Russian, Ukrainian languages (other languages negotiated separately)

Types of study

Students’ course
  • Sit on the twine and develop body flexibility from scratch;
  • Recover lost form;
  • Body recovery after mild, moderate and severe injuries.
  • Reach a professional level in stretching.

The duration of coaching is unlimited.

You will need: free space, a good Internet connection, and 1 hour of your time.

Cost: 1 personal stretching training over Skype – 55 euros, first lesson free, 60-70 minutes.

– subscription of 10 personal lessons with no time limit – EUR 499. now EUR 200

Coaching course
  • Increase the effectiveness of classes;
  • Attract new students with a unique technique;
  • Advance your qualifications in stretching.
  • Get a diploma in English, which confirms the right of coaching, to conduct training according to this methodology.

The duration of the training is from 15 – 30 lessons – that’s 2-4 months on an individual schedule.

At the end of the course, a nominal plastic diploma is issued, which gives the right to teach stretching according to the method of “The most flexible person on the Planet” around the world.

Required: training, coaching experience in yoga, dance, stretching or other, have a personalized 15-minute Skype pre-interview.

Cost: The course is 555 euros. Preliminary 15 minute interview – free of charge.

How to begin?

Step 1

Select course

choose the direction of your studies: apprenticeship or coaching course

Step 2


contact me for preliminary consultation Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp

Step 3


Pay for the course at a discount or a trial lesson online.

Prices and Payments

One-on-one personal training

55 0
First lesson free.

All you have to do

- study room
- stable internet connection
- 1 hour of free time

10 personal

Package of 10 classes

All you have to do

- study room
- stable internet connection
- 1 hour of free time
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[email protected]
profitable proposition

Stretching intensive 20 + 1 personal lessons

1050 400
Package of 20 lessons +1 free

All you have to do

- study room
- stable internet connection
- 1 hour of free time
Send donation:
[email protected]

Personal coaching course

15 to 30 sessions

All you have to do

- preparation
- coaching experience in yoga, dance, stretching, etc.
- preliminary interview
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[email protected]