You want to be more flexible, do effective stretching exercises (easy stretching) and at the same time not to get injured. Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s just like this - no question mark. Everybody wants to have it but hardly everyone realizes it. In fact, flexibility is our youth. It is freedom of movement. It is lightness of movement. Just realize it.

Wouldn't you love to stay young, healthy and active for a long time? Without joint diseases and other health problems of the aged?

                   Training in two paths:

1) Student 2) Coach

 Have you ever thought that if there hadn't been too much traffic, wasting time to get to the gym, spending time to get prepared to workout, you would have done your workout more often, wouldn’t you? I have a surprise for lovers of effective and safe stretching. 

There is an opportunity
of online workout based on the method of
the most flexible man of the world awarded the Guinness World Records. You can
do this without going out of your house and when it’s convenient for you.

My name is Vyacheslav (Slavik) Komakha. I am a certified student of the most flexible man on the planet. My trainer was awarded the Guinness World Records and he shared with me the secrets of body flexibility development.

In 2009 I learned from my trainer. Afterwards I started my own coaching practice.
In the studio I give 4-7 workouts and approximately 3 online training sessions per
day. I present you two directions of Online Stretching course. (Teaching in Russian,
Ukrainian, English. Other languages can be discussed).

Take your trainer home

Stretching and yoga are carefully thought-out exercises aimed at the physical development of a person at any age. FlexDerekSchool is more than just yoga and stretching exercises. FlexDerekSchool is a personal set of exercises developed by me personally, which is based on the technique of the most flexible man on the planet.

The set of classes combines the following exercises: Stretching, yoga elements, Pilates elements. Simplified strength exercises. I will help you become slim and flexible, as well as work out the body relief.

When I was 4 my passion for sports started with the doorway pull-up bar installed by my father. At the age of 17 I entered the Faculty of Physical Education of the Vinnytsya Pedagogical University. After that I was a successful ’’office worker’’ in the Internet advertising. At that time I stressed my body out and gained weight 12kg more than my normal weight should had been (80kg instead of 68kg). By chance in May 2009 I met the most flexible man on the planet. In September 2009 I started FlexDerekSchool,the studio in Kyiv where I train to this day.

Pricing & Payment:
1)The first course of online stretching is designed for people with "minus", medium and above average flexibility. This course has two payment options: training and subscription for 10 lessons (no validity period). Training costs €60 per one lesson (from 60 to 90 minutes). When you pay for 10 lessons, you immediately pay €50 per a lesson. 

2) The second Online Stretching course is the teacher training course which implies further testing and getting diploma online (stretching diploma online). People with a good level of flexibility (upper-intermediate) can be taken in this course. The cost of the entire course is €700. It contains 12 training sessions (80 - 90 minutes depending on your abilities, time and goals). Before taking the course there can be free Online stretching consultation via Skype up to 30 minutes long. Get certified teacher stretching.
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