The use of individual trainings in the process of body flexibility development is the highest. The most suitable time and the day of training for a student are chosen depending on the time sheet of the coach and the availability of free space in the gym. The first individual lesson always consists of 30 minutes introductory theory and about 50-60 minutes of the very exercise complex, during which the student will make acquainted to all peculiarities of Gusengadzhiev method, you will learn how to have training without injuries with maximum productiveness. The price of one individual lesson is 500 UAH. If you pay for 10 lessons in advance, the price of one will be 450 UAH. How to make an appointment: write me please a message on my telephone number 0502290291 (the price according to the billing plan) with your name and the type of the lesson, which you are interested in. Then we will agree the suitable day and the time of the lesson. Or write me on my contact data.