During more than six years of my coach experience in my own school, I, Komakha Viachelsav, have often got letters with requests to give lessons on Skype from people of different countries, who cannot attend my trainings. Since 2015 I have been giving private lessons on Skype for people having different levels of training. The most suitable time and the day of training for a student are chosen and discussed in advance or agreed by e-mail or with the help of viber or whatsapp +38050229029, which also depends on the time sheet of the coach and the availability of free space in the gym. The first lesson on Skype always consists of 30 minutes introductory theory and about 50-60 minutes of the very exercise complex, during which the student will make acquainted to all peculiarities of Gusengadzhiev method. You will learn how to have training without injuries with maximum productiveness. The price of one lesson is $50 for an hour and a half. If you pay for 10 lessons in advance, the price of one will be $40.